Member Spotlight: AET Europe

01 Sep Member Spotlight: AET Europe

For almost two decades, Dutch IT specialist AET Europe has been serving the high-end security market, providing solutions for institutions active in finance, healthcare and the government. We catch up with COO Mike van Uum who has been working at AET for three years now. “The core of AET is to connect people with devices in a secure and trusted way.”

As more and more business processes move online, the need for secure environments has greatly increased over the years. Transferring money, digital signing of contracts or government administration all happen over the internet nowadays and all this sensitive data needs to be protected. Banks have implemented two factor authentication using mobile phones for end consumers but high level operations require stronger measurements of security. “Transferring €100 million between banks is quite different from transferring €10 to a friend. The higher the risk, the more extensive the required security and above all digital trust.”

AET offers three different solutions; BlueX, SafeSign & ConsentID. BlueX manages the entire life cycle process of a token: from physical identity to the production and issuance of tokens with a chip containing the digital identity.. With SafeSign companies can enforce two-factor authentication within the applications they operate. SafeSign is also being used to sign documents, transactions or processes digitally. ConsentID, finally, is a combination of the previously mentioned solutions but focused on mobile environments. This allows employees to use their own devices as tokens.

What makes AET truly unique is the fact that they have a agnostic authentication and digital signing strategy. With AET technology customers can support any token, across all channels and applications from any vendor. AET can provide a secured and trusted connection between persons, (mobile) devices, tokens and applications. This also allows tokens from multiple manufacturers to be streamlined into the same system.

While security using biometrics is quickly gaining popularity, AET is not widely implementing these technologies. Mike explains that their clients want digital solutions which have the same legal status as the physical paper counterpart that is non-reputable with integrity. “AET solutions makes that a digital signature has the same legal status as an inked one; authentications and digital signatures through selfies and fingerprints do not have this consent”. If a client wants biometrics to be used, this is possible of course, as the solutions can connect all tokens and software together.

Early this summer AET signed an agreement in Brazil which will see their technology being implemented in the health-sector. Together with Veus Technology they will develop a nation wide platform which will manage the digital signing of medical data and health records (Approximate. 1.2 billon documents) via the mobile device or laptop of the user. Its not the first project AET runs in Brazil, last year they implemented their technology in the state of Sao Paulo which ensures the security and trust of real-time Point of Sales (PoS) transactions which take place between the PoS and the Tax Authorities. Check out their website to see what keeps them busy and what they can do for you.