Member Spotlight: Eurofiber

11 May Member Spotlight: Eurofiber

Member Spotlight | Eurofiber

To stay competitive in an era where data is the greatest asset, financial services providers must take the leap to full connectivity. But the integration of cloud and legacy systems is complex—and once you’re there, how do you monetize your vast quantities of data? Eurofiber’s secure digital infrastructure helps organizations harness the power of financial technology to profit from their data, identify new revenue streams and form stronger relationships with their customers. Eurofiber is a fast growing international provider of industry leading digital infrastructure. With their advanced fiber optic network they provide companies, government bodies and non-profit organizations a future proof and critical infrastructure. Their vision is of an open network with infrastructure and IT services being offered separately. Allowing everyone the complete freedom to choose which services, applications and providers they use as their own needs evolve.


Every day the reliable Eurofiber network transports 50% of all the internet traffic in the Netherlands, serves 75% of all students with access to innovative education, helps 71% of all hospital patients to receive innovative healthcare and gives 64% of all households access to gas and electricity distribution. In addition, we provide critical infrastructures for financial service providers in the areas of banking, insurance, mortgages, investments and pensions.

Eurofiber is part of the Eurofiber Group and was established in 2000. Since then it has grown into an organization with more than 280 employees, with offices in Maarssen and Brussels and has become a recognized player in the market for fiber optic connections. “Although we are definitely no longer a start-up, we still enjoy challenging the established order with our unique market approach. We are a dedicated knowledge partner helping organizations to develop and reorganize their digital infrastructure. Our future proof and open infrastructure is the strong, agile foundation for innovation and adopting new technology. Giving our customers and partners complete freedom in their choice of services and service providers to shape their digital strategy. And in addition, enabling the development of ecosystems and the flexibility to work together with third parties.”


Eurofiber’s infrastructure provides the strong, agile foundation for a Smart Society. A Smart Society relies on a permanent exchange and the unlimited availability of data. This calls for a reliable and critical digital infrastructure that allows data and applications to be accessed anytime, anywhere. One of the major contributions to the many IT startups is the decreasing cost it takes to set up such a firm. Nowadays, all you need is an office location with a strong and reliable internet connection, often supplied at startup hubs or other common workspaces, and reserve data storage at a fraction of the price it would cost ten years ago. Eurofiber tries to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit among Dutch fintechs by offering very accessible fiber optic network connections to office locations throughout the Netherlands. And at the same time guaranteeing business continuity, maximum availability and the flexibility to grow with their needs.

As the financial industry is ever more IT dependent, this infrastructure becomes a vital and integral part of its business: Safety and stability have to be managed at the side of the end user, but also in the transportation of data to the cloud, which has become a more popular feature in finance in the last years, with continued growth expected in the coming years. Eurofiber is encouraged to serve this changing market to the best of its abilities and to help facilitate a financial services industry which is ready for the future.

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