Member Spotlight: FG Lawyers

16 Sep Member Spotlight: FG Lawyers

FG Lawyers is a boutique law firm founded by experienced lawyers stemming from the law firm NautaDutilh. FG Lawyers is specialised in corporate law and (alternative) finance, working with large financial institutions but also successfully assisting smaller Fintech start-ups and scale-ups. Luckily, operating in niche segments does not limit the law practitioner but makes one sharper. Note that alternative finance and other innovative business models explore the challenging edges of financial regulation which requires a creative perspective and willingness to go that extra mile. The team of three partners and one of-counsel works closely together and mingles fluidly through several financial business networks. Due to this compact collaboration, knowledge sharing is completely transparent and internal lines are short.

Profielfoto Hakvoort ZW

Anne Hakvoort, partner at FG Lawyers enthusiastically calls her daily work pioneering with the client: “We offer unique advisory services, firmly nourishing on our corporate roots but also constantly addressing issues that require an out of the box mindset. Without wanting to sound cliché, we really try to establish a solid relationship with our clients, chemistry is needed. The size of our firm enables that. We do not see ourselves as one-trick ponies. Our firm covers the complete range of corporate ánd financial regulatory law; which makes us rather unique. We advise and assist on M&A, private equity, joint ventures, capital markets transactions, corporate governance, bank financing, debt sales and regulatory issues. I specifically have a focus and interest in the Fintech sector, assisting parties like payment services providers, marketplace lenders, crowdfunding platforms, credit unions and other alternative financiers. In this field, The Netherlands is an exciting environment to offer innovative financial services; more and more companies are turning their heads towards our flat and open little country. Moreover, Amsterdam is becoming an increasing business destination because of its global financial connections and pool of English-speaking talent. Besides, our two main regulators AFM and DNB are pleasant institutions to work with.

We find the joy in facilitating all sort of clients in this fascinating interplay of financial regulation, law and business strategies. Regulatory issues are a main element in our work. We contribute very actively in the creation of proper legislative points of view. Recently, we assessed the Discussion Document issued by the AFM & DNB and provided elaborate feedback (retrievable here). Our marketing efforts are generally focused on sharing relevant knowledge; when we find an interesting gap we invest our time in research. Examples are our contribution – together with the University of Groningen – for the Netherlands to the CrowdfundRES project under the Horizon2020 programme of the European Commission (retrievable here) and the research we – together with CrowdfundingHub – initiated in 11 member states in respect of the liability risks associated with crowdfunding across borders (retrievable here). We would like to compliment Holland Fintech for achieving a prominent position in the financial landscape in a short period. Currently, Holland Fintech is considered as the main voice of the innovation needs of the financial community, translating it to all levels, including politics. We will happily continue to work together closely.”