Member Spotlight: VraagBod

20 Jul Member Spotlight: VraagBod

VraagBod is a Rotterdam-based retail comparison platform introducing a unique concept. Their tagline already gives a peek into their mission: why should consumers look for the best price, when the best price can come to you? VraagBod developed an online marketplace where consumers can select any new product they desire to purchase and announce it on After hitting the VraagBod-button on the website, all retailers who sell the product will be notified and asked to give their onetime best offer. If a retailer decides to make you an offer you will receive a completely personal deal not visible to others.  The only thing left to do for you as a customer is to accept the best deal you get. The payment process is very secure because VraagBod acts as the intermediary managing all payment transactions through a regulated escrow account.VraagBod presents a smart and dynamic way of trading where the relationship between seller and buyer becomes personal and more interactive. In the end it makes online product hunting a million times easier for everyone; matching consumer to retailer while generating perfectly tailored offerings.

The founders, Joep Becking and Martijn Brouns are two young entrepreneurs who now decided to revolutionise the way we approach retail: “We started VraagBod because we encountered an unbalanced relationship between consumers and retailers. Stores and online shops are traditionally designed to be visited by other people. The consumer is expected to put all their time and effort in making the right purchase. Especially nowadays, where we can’t browse the web in peace without being lured into clicking on advertisements, it is necessary the consumer also becomes in charge. By that, we don’t mean we are trying to crush all online retailers; we are introducing a new phase where seller and buyer are equal: from e-tail to me-tail. VraagBod facilitates this by giving the consumer a voice and bringing them closer to the retailer. In return, the retailer has to interact with potential customers and thus becomes more proactive and less dependent on seducing people the old way. Subsequently, the commercial relation becomes really dynamic. Based on what the consumer asks from the market, we now actually see on our marketplace there has emerged a totally different range of product offerings in comparison with the average online products. When looking at retail price dynamics we also see a shift in offering tactics. The core of our service is to switch the scope back on the consumer and the consumer indeed has spoken!”

Regarding their trustworthiness, an inevitable aspect of Fintech firms, Martijn Brouns explains proudly: “We are very honoured The Dutch Central Bank (DNB) gave us the right to set up a third party fund (Stichting Derdengelden). This enables us to really attract leading retailers and is essential for customers able to trust us. So yes, our marketplace is gaining more attention every day and we are dedicated to become a renowned Fintech firm. The Holland FinTech network has proved really valuable thanks to the inspirational business models and diverse members!

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