BBD Software
Company Size
1001-5000 Employees
Utrecht, Netherlands
About BBD Software

BBD is primarily a bespoke software solutions company, specialising in software development, digital enablement, integration and system support for SMEs, startups and large enterprise clients. Over our almost four decades in business, BBD has gained diverse industry knowledge across a wide range of sectors, earning the company an observable and consistent reputation as a service provider who goes above and beyond to deliver outstanding quality. We are a people-centric business comprising 1000+ top industry professionals with domain expertise in a wealth of modern technologies. Our teams operate in a hybrid manner across our global hubs in the Netherlands, UK, Portugal, South Africa and India, enabling us to find the top talent where it exists and place the best suited team into each client project. BBD’s core services are Digital Enablement, Software Engineering and Solution Support. In the cloud, BBD is an Amazon AWS Advanced Tier Partner and Microsoft Azure Partner with services including migration, DevOps, containers, serverless, data & analytics, database modernisation, native development and contact centre solutions. Using our domain and technical expertise, we have developed various accelerators to assist in rapidly delivering value to your business. These accelerators focus on integration and automation, document search, UX/UI, credit risk and forecasting management, as well as platform engineering.

Product / Service Description

Our three categories of interconnected services are designed to meet your every technical need, starting from any point in the lifecycle. From strategic guidance and solution inception to development and managed services and application maintenance, BBD is your trusted solutions partner. Digital Enablement As part of this offering, we utilise an appropriate Health Check to establish the state of your current environment, processes, applications and systems, and craft a tailored digital strategy that utilises modern technologies to achieve your business goals within set timeframes and budgets. These Health Checks use various frameworks to assess your setup. We then report back on suggested remediations to improve on the status quo. Software Engineering The Software Engineering service taps into the expertise of the 1000+ highly talented professionals within our employ to design and build custom software solutions using the best technology for your needs. Within this service we draw on our various accelerators and quick-start toolsets to create a custom solution, either from scratch or uses pre-existing elements. Here we integrate, redesign, automate and/ or modernise your technical architectures and applications. Solution Support Our Solution Support service includes ongoing maintenance and support, whether we built the system or not, as well as managed platform and cloud services.

Solution Description

Our clients benefit from continuously moving their business forward with reliable, scalable and modern software solutions built out of a combination of long-held expertise and a commitment to delivering the best. Over the years we’ve solved endless technological challenges for large and small organisations across a wide variety of industries including financial services, insurance, public sector, telecommunications, education and gaming.

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Customer Type
Corporates‎, Financial Institutions‎, Government, Scaleups, SME's‎, Startups‎
Primary Markets
Africa‎, Europe‎
Primary Countries
Europe, Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, United Kingdom
Primary Sector
Tech Platforms/Solutions
Products Offered
Banking Platform / Solution‎, Data and Analytics‎, Infrastructure, Software Development‎, Strategy, Technology Services, Technology Solutions‎
Customers & Distribution
Alternative Finance, Banks, Data Analytics & Administration, Financial Institutions, Payments, Pensions & Insurance, Tech Platforms/Solutions, Tech Services & Advisory
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