Company Size
51-200 Employees
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
About coeo NL

coeo NL (onderdeel van de coeo Group) is an innovative credit management organization with more than 100 employees. At this moment we are one of the most prominent credit management partners in The Netherlands and abroad. As credit management specialist, we take care of a reliable, transparent and high-quality process of payment arrears in Europe. Throughout the entire collection process, we focus on creating
an excellent customer experience. It is our goal to have your client pay his or her unsettled invoices in the simplest way possible. We strive for a highquality, long-term cooperation with our partners.

Product / Service Description

Throughout the entire collection process, we always emphasize the customer-friendly and socially responsible aspects in case of your unsettled invoices. We try to communicate with your customer(s) as much as possible, and - even more important - we do so in an understandable way.

By creating empathy around the financial situation of your client, we are able to make the right judgement about how we can help these clients.

The main focus of our services is on collecting your unsettled invoices during the amicable collection process. We therefore always strive for an amicable solution of all financial arrears. We do so to minimise - unnecessary - extra costs for your customer.

If necessary, our experienced legal experts offer a complete solution during the judicial collection process. If needed we give advice, obtain a legal judgement for you and force this judgement by means of our court bailiff.

Solution Description

With our customer-friendly and professional credit management approach, we strive for a sustainable customer relationship. We want to be leading in solving payment arrears in Europe.

Customer Type
Consumers‎, Corporates‎, Scaleups, SME's‎, Startups‎
Primary Markets
Primary Countries
Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom
Primary Sector
Invoice & Credit Management
Products Offered
Legal Services‎, Payments‎, Technology Solutions‎
Customers & Distribution
Invoice & Credit Management
Suppliers & Partners
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