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For over 10 years EBPI operates processing and exchange services for secure, safe, business critical and standardised digital messages. EBPI currently processes over 300 mio messages per year for key governmental organisations and enterprises. EBPI also manages and runs a fully compliant SWIFT Service Bureau for the Dutch Tax Authority (statements) and is expanding its payments services to Banks, FinTechs and Enterprises by offering payments processing and market connectivity as SaaS. The EBPI Critical Payments Solution services are based on IBM and SWIFT technology and are run in Tier IV data centers in the Netherlands. The EBPi Critical Payments Processing Solutions - are offered On-demand, allowing customers to bring new payments business value fast to market ; SEPA Instant Payments, Credit Transfer, Direct Debit, International Payments are supported as well as SWIFTNET (instant) connectivity, including the ability to integrate with Open Banking / PSD2 initiatives - are run on a 'no-compromise' infrastructure that is designed to run critical business applications providing scalability at 100% availability, real time, fully secure and compliant - based on 'pay and innovate as you grow' model, allowing for maximum flexibility.
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