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InFinIT Partners stands for Integrating Finance and IT. We build bespoke business and IT solutions, with a focus on Enterprises, Scaleups and Fintech. For Enterprises, we understand the domains of Finance, IT and Governance and the complex challenges involved in changing a large organisation from within. We are strategic partners to our clients at the intersection of strategy, design, development and maintenance of internal systems and procedures. We are a full-service company dedicated to empowering C-level executives in implementing strategic change and increasing internal efficiency. For Scaleups, we can build, manage and scale up your delivery center using the best developers, allowing you to focus on your commercial strategy. Rather than first funding through VC and burning cash hiring developers that have no alignment of interest, we provide the option to pay in a combination of low rates and an equity component and to scale up and down development teams flexibly. With this way of implementing your delivery strategy you are more flexible, pay less, have less risk and through the alignment a better delivery, than by first raising cash via a VC. For Fintech, we can partner in providing the customizations that clients will often require to use off-the-shelf Fintech products in the client's production environment. We can also, when working for enterprise implementations, work with a Fintech company to make their solution suitable for enterprise implementation.
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