Company Size
201-500 Employees
Christchurch, UK / Stillwater, OK, USA
About InterWorks
InterWorks is the global, quality-oriented Business Intelligence (BI) consultancy. With a people-focused consulting approach, we deliver the right solutions to our clients who are looking for first-class service and expertise. With the right mix of people, knowledge and partnerships, we are able to develop technical and organizational solutions that help our clients around the world move their businesses towards a data-driven decision-making culture. With more than 20 years of experience, we can change the way companies work with their data. Together with our customers we develop strategies to generate scalable KPI's from the ever-increasing amount of data. Our clients include global players that we support across continents, as well as stock-listed corporations, mid-sized companies and non-profit organizations.
Product / Service Description
Our consultants, solution leads, data architects or data engineers work hand in hand, and always at the cutting edge of technical knowledge. We burn for the very latest technologies and how we can use them for your business. Our goal is always to enable your employees to build dashboards and reports independently and to make decisions based on the insights gained from the data (Self-Service BI). From the science of data to its storage, management and visualisation, we can support you in every aspect of your BI strategy.
Solution Description
As Snowflake Solution Partner we know that a modern data warehousing solution is the heartbeat of this success. Snowflake's cloud-based approach offers both power and flexibility as well as simplicity to enable modern data analysis and transform organizations into data-driven businesses. Matillion's ELT solutions for cloud platforms are compelling because data can be transformed in the cloud at high speed and with any performance required. Where Matillion has the connection to the cloud, InterWorks has the connection to the tools. As the first and most prominent Tableau Gold Partner, no one knows Tableau like InterWorks. We offer Tableau software, training, Assist, ServerCare and consulting. So you can be sure that we can help you get the most out of your Tableau investment. IT Services, Data Integration, Software Development, Custom Development, Tableau Training, Tableau Consulting, Data Management, Visual Analytics, Enterprise Storage, System Infrastructure, and Data Visualisation. The complete blueprint for data empowerment.
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