Omega Lab B.V.
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
About Omega Lab B.V.
OmegaLab is a software development Business Partner and fintech consultancy with 15 years’ experience in partnering with tech companies to develop progressive software solutions.

At OmegaLab our mission is to make a significant and lasting impact on the global IT industry by fueling ambitious projects with innovation, creativity and enthusiasm. Our high-load software creates amazing results for our clients, and we are now bringing the benefits of our service to a worldwide audience.

We offer strategic partnerships to develop your product either from scratch or by joining it at any stage to reduce time-to-market and accelerate its release. Comprehensive research is completed before each project to optimize the development journey from business analytics and MVP product design to positive commercial market results. We focus on our clients’ business goals to deliver employable solutions and exceptional results.

How do we ensure a successful partnership?

We value the customer above all else. Our specialists are always deeply involved in the project. We hear your needs, work in a framework that is convenient for you, and provide high-quality communication with the client. We practice a proactive approach: we find out all the necessary information to offer the most relevant solution to your tasks.

Quality of approach and service. We select solutions that will accurately solve your business challenges. We will present the architecture of the project, and detail the experience of all participants of the dedicated team. Your feedback will allow us to find specialists who are right for you and meet your requirements.

What you can get for free

OmegaLab can offer you free expert opinions to help improve your IT solutions or products, and make your dreams a reality. Here some of the complementary services we can provide for you via webinars or online meetings:

  • Product roadmap building;
  • Mockup design;
  • MVP roadmap development;
  • Product concept development;
  • Product analytics (e.g. use case development);
  • Product vision development.

By choosing OmegaLab as a business partner, you will receive more personal freedom for important business tasks and you’ll be guaranteed to launch projects and products on time. You’ll also enjoy effective budget management and more time to manage your teams, more confidence in the quality of the team, and greater transparency of work processes and expected results.
Product / Service Description
In order to create profitable solutions we apply our years of experience, fundamental expertise, and best practices of implementing full cycle product development. From the idea and niche prospect evaluation to market launch, we will turn our development into an important part of the customer's business strategy. Here’s what we bring to the table:

  • Software development and integration: We create effective solutions based on your business needs.
  • Custom software development: We develop exclusive solutions meeting the most ambitious business goals to help customers' businesses reach the next level.
  • Mobile development: We develop mobile applications for Android and iOS.
  • Updating and reengineering: Strengthening and improvement: taking your systems to a new level.
  • Project management: Our experts provide complex control of the workflow to keep the project ticking along smoothly.
  • Product Vision and analytics: We make a thorough product and market analysis, and develop a winning strategy.
  • QA. Ensuring market-leading quality of the final product when it is released.
  • IT staff management: High-end HR services with 100% immersion in the client’s business.
  • UI/UX: A powerful boost to your in-house design team to achieve your business goals.
  • Technical support of IT products and systems: We provide customer support 24/7.
Solution Description
OmegaLab utilises proven industry competencies in its progressive approach to the architecture, development, testing and information security of the solutions and products. We offer the following solutions:

User data management system
(Service system integration, Customer profile management system, Management systems, CRM, Contact center solutions: IVR, operator's workplace)

Payment solutions
(Payment system integration, Payment processing, Financial transaction reconciliation)

Security & Fraud prevention
(Anti-fraud & AML, Secure user data storage: PCI DSS)
Primary Markets
Europe‎, North America‎
Primary Sector
Alternative Finance, Banks, Payments
Products Offered
RegTech, Software Development‎, Technology Services, Technology Solutions‎
Customers & Distribution
Banks, Payments, Security & Fraud Prevention, Tech Platforms/Solutions, Tech Services & Advisory
Suppliers & Partners
Tech Platforms/Solutions, Tech Services & Advisory
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