Company Size
11-50 Employees
Haarlem, Netherlands
About RevenYOU
RevenYOU: the market place of trading algorithms, everyone in the world can submit their algorithm to the platform, and everyone can use them.
Product / Service Description
Trading is much easier with the use of automated trading strategies , thought Colin Groos, Michiel Stokman and Stefan Bijen in 2018. RevenYOU is a fintech startup that provides an app that allows everyone to trade on exchanges based on automated trading strategies. "It's as simple as Spotify," RevenYOU does not require knowledge of trading at all.
Solution Description
With RevenYOU you do not need knowledge of stock trading anymore, don't have to register on all different exchanges, trading wil not cost users any time and years of experience is obsoleet to become a successful trader. RevenYOU makes successful trading accessible for everyone in the world.
Customer Type
Consumers‎, Corporates‎, Financial Institutions‎, SME's‎
Primary Markets
Africa‎, Asia‎, Australia‎, Europe‎, Middle East‎, North America‎, South America‎
Primary Countries
Netherlands, United Kingdom
Primary Sector
Trading/Asset Management
Products Offered
Personal Finance‎, Technology Solutions‎, Wealth Management
Customers & Distribution
Trading/Asset Management
Suppliers & Partners
Tech Platforms/Solutions
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