Company Size
11-50 Employees
Arnhem, the Netherlands
About Textmetrics
We are passionate about innovations that increase the value of every person, department and organization. We figured that innovating communications in the financial industry had a high business potential, because everything is about the right communication nowadays. That is why we started developing AI algorithms to find this potential. We happened to make a unique text technology platform. Textmetrics. Level up! We know that every word counts. The right choice of words massively increases your company’s results. The Textmetrics platform measures, calculates and learns – helping you to make the right choices. This is how the leading text platform helps you reach the next level.
Product / Service Description
With the best quality in every possible way Textmetrics starts with analyzing your lexicon. Does the text really represent your company? Do people quickly understand your message? Do you include everybody from your target group in your communication? Can the added value of your text be increased? Driving conversion, findability, accessibility and therefore increasing success? What are the ways to improve the total text quality? After our algorithms have found out how, our augmented writing environment assists your company in writing great content. Aligned with your company's brand identity, speaking the language of your audiences, reaching diversity and inclusion goals, increasing findability and increasing conversion. We give you control over an underestimated but powerful new asset: written text! Improve your text metrics and lead your company to the next level of success with Textmetrics. Textmetrics. Level up!
Solution Description
Innovation creates value. Imagine you could increase engagement with anyone who is reading your communications. Improving conversion, understanding, feeling and therefore increasing success. Our innovation creates values based on new kinds of metrics. Text metrics! We measure what increases engagement and simply tell you how to do it. It’s flexible, custom-made and saves you valuable time. Level up to the next innovation!
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