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Trendmark is a research company that helps clients to make informed choices for strategic decisions and to market their brand. We use ‘big data’ to provide a unique analysis of sectors, companies, brands, and products within countries or globally. Trendmark extracts the ‘wisdom of crowds’ out of internet search data and places it on a single scale. We build a custom list of topics that matter most to our clients. Strategic Decisions: Our system enables us to analyse patterns and determine how significant a rise or decline in search frequency really is. The frequency scale connects macro trends to a micro/company level and gives insight into the big picture. The link between internet search frequency and sales, profits, and share prices helps clients to monetize trends that matter. It is also a radar on risk. We monitor the competition and other threats that might be lurking on the horizon. Marketing of your brand: Trendmark can help you to show thought leadership in your sector. Attach your name to a search index comprised of search terms that are important to your sector.
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