Tytonical Ltd
Company Size
1-10 Employees
London, United Kingdom
About Tytonical Ltd
Pay by plate - Drive up, fuel up and drive off. We use patent pending technology to match the user with the vehicle, verify, and then securely take payment using the vehicles licence plate. Fuel is our beachhead vertical to establish ourselves as a ubiquitous user identification platform. Initially focussing on vehicle related markets like fuel, tolls, drive-thrus, parking and retailers in the $230 billion connected car commerce market.
Product / Service Description
When refuelling their cars, consumers spend half of the time completing the payment. There are 942mm fill ups per annum in the UK, and 8.7Bn fill ups per annum in the USA. That is unnecessary time spent paying, and blocking the pump for other users.
Solution Description
Tytonical saves fuel retailers the time and money spent on getting drivers through the forecourt. We double the potential throughput of every pump. We minimise the inconvenience of queuing to pay for fuel for consumers, offering a virtual Fastlane that doesn’t require the download of a new app. Instead customers can use existing partner apps to simply toggle a one-click opt-in to pay for fuel and then use the service. The partner apps are incentivised by a rev share, and subsequently have contractual obligations in terms of marketing and customer service in return. This allows Tytonical to achieve immediate scale and access the resources of partner apps in a cashflow-efficient manner.
Customer Type
Consumers‎, Corporates‎
Primary Markets
Primary Countries
Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Primary Sector
Products Offered
Data and Analytics‎, Payments‎, Technology Services, Technology Solutions‎
Customers & Distribution
Banks, Payments, Tech Platforms/Solutions, Tech Services & Advisory
Suppliers & Partners
Banks, Payments, Tech Platforms/Solutions, Tech Services & Advisory
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