Company Size
201-500 Employees
About Unifiedpost Payments
UnifiedPost Payments is one of Europe's leading and most innovative Payment Service Providers.
Product / Service Description
We simplify mission critical business processes for Corporates and SMEs across the Pan-European market. We have built a cloud-based platform acting as a B2B(2C) transaction hub for e-invoicing and payments processing, working capital financing, e-identity solutions and complementary platform apps
Solution Description
We provide smart, trusted and secure solutions to empower the digital transformation of our clients. Even more: we want to inspire them and reduce the complexity of business processes. Pay and get paid, sign, view your documents, contracts, payments and bills via one online platform.
Customer Type
Primary Markets
Primary Countries
Primary Sector
This infographic gives an overview of how the different sectors within the ecosystem are positioned in the financial services value chain.
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