Company Size
11-50 Employees
About VenturesOne
Established in 1986, VenturesOne is a venture capital investment company committed to scaling companies -- from nothing to something, to something great. Based out of The Hague and Singapore, the firm aid entrepreneurs of high-growth, scalable emerging technology ventures build memorable and innovative global companies.
Product / Service Description
Solution Description
VenturesOne supplies companies with patient and smart capital. Partnering for the long-term, with an investment window of 3 to 7 years, we're committed to further supporting them with our knowledge, international networks and know-how. Our expertise lies in emerging technologies, which include - but is not limited to - AdTech, AI and Machine Learning, Big Data, CleanTech, Cybersecurity, E-Commerce, EdTech, FinTech, HealthTech, InsurTech, Robotics and Drones and SaaS.
This infographic gives an overview of how the different sectors within the ecosystem are positioned in the financial services value chain.
A source for consulting PSD2 legislation coupled with commentary, tips & tricks, and applicability

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