Company Size
11-50 Employees
Rotterdam, Netherlands
About WTSS B.V.
Working on innovative solutions for multiple big banks in a flat, fun and relaxed environment. Never a dull moment.
Product / Service Description
Besides validating PSD2 interfaces, we are very good in robotizing customer journeys with an actual customer profile utilising real accounts with real money to measure SLA and performance.
Solution Description
Helping more banks to create the best online experience for their customers! Besides this, we still dream of becoming the biggest PSD2 interface validator and deliver a register with all European PSD2 interfaces available
Customer Type
Primary Markets
Primary Countries
Primary Sector
Products Offered
Main Customers & Distribution
Main Suppliers & Partners
Widening the scope across borders this new production will not only include the Dutch fintech scene but highlight developments on a European level as well.
This infographic gives an overview of how the different sectors within the ecosystem are positioned in the financial services value chain.

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