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11-50 Employees
Brussels, Belgium
About is the only company that has developed a technology solution leveraging AI for automated model risk management on an enterprise-wide scale. Our clients use the Chiron platform to automate the model validation process from model inventory to data management and generation of regulatory compliant documentation as well as industrializing the monitoring of all models including a change in data, performance or behaviour. The platform works with all models that are used within the financial sector such as credit risk models, valuation algorithms, market risk, AML, AI and behavioral models. was founded in 2017 by Jos Gheerardyn and Sébastien Viguié, two model risk management veterans and strongly financial backed up mainly by Volta Ventures the leading investor for tech companies in the Benelux region. has an international portfolio of clients made of investment banks, insurance companies as well as regional financial institutions. is expanding quickly and has offices in Brussels, Belgium and London, United Kingdom.
Product / Service Description
Chiron is's flagship product. It is an open, scalable and customisable platform that allows model risk managers to implement their model risk framework in code. - Increase operational efficiency - Reduce time to market - Organize collaboration between all three lines of defence
Solution Description created a platform called Chiron that uses machine learning and AI to industrialize model risk management. Our solution consists of three modules: (1) data governance module: a distributed data lake that allows users to centralize, version and clean all data needed for model validation, (2) analytics module: a scalable set of both classical statistical tests and ML algorithms to measure performance, perform backtesting and quantify model risk, (3) model inventory: a repository of all models across the enterprise together with powerful reporting infrastructure to generate both technical validation documents as well as CRO - style dashboards
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Widening the scope across borders this new production will not only include the Dutch fintech scene but highlight developments on a European level as well.
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