Rabobank joins Nexuslab to build European blockchain ecosystem

28 Apr Rabobank joins Nexuslab to build European blockchain ecosystem

Rabobank, the Netherlands-based financial institution announced its association with Nexuslab on 25th April 2016. Nexuslab is a virtual blockchain start-up programme by Nexussquared, a Swiss-based business platform in collaboration with Startupbootcamp. The Dutch bank joins Nexuslab to support the first round of its programme geared towards early-stage European blockchain ventures. The association will add leading financial experts to the programme. Earlier this month Nexuslab had also announced the ten international start-ups which were selected for its pilot programme.

Currently, Rabobank is focusing on four key areas – international payments, micropayments via the Internet of Things (IoT), conditional payments, and smart contracts. This association gives the bank an opportunity to collaborate with other blockchain start-ups and determine if future partnership many be on the horizon.

Harrie Vollard, Rabobank Head of Innovation stated that “With its novel approach to fostering start-ups in a virtual setting, Nexuslab has introduced an innovative way of enabling blockchain innovation. The collaboration will allow them to work directly with promising international early-stage ventures and help build up the European blockchain ecosystem.” He also mentioned the fact that Rabobank has been experimenting with blockchain technology, and with this partnership they will further deepen their expertise in the blockchain technology.

Daniel Grassinger, Managing Director of Nexuslab and co-founder of Nexussquared said that “Together with Rabobank, Startupbootcamp and our infrastructure and IT-partner SwissQ we have created an unparalleled offering for aspiring European blockchain startups to turn their ideas and visions into viable businesses.”

The first round of Nexuslab had kicked off last weekend with an in-person hangout session at Amsterdam. Further sessions will be held in London and Berlin and the final session of the three-month programme will be held at Zurich. Rabobank representatives will also be joining the in-person sessions held in different European cities and the final session in Zurich.

About Rabobank

Rabobank, the Netherlands-based bank is headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands. It is a global leader in food and agri financing and sustainability-oriented banking.

About Nexussquared

Nexussquared is a Zurich-based business platform with a focus on blockchain technology and its application to business models across different industries.