Staying Safe


Your & Your immediate surrounding’s physical health is a top priority in containing the global COVID-19 pandemic. This section has resources on how to effectively practice social/physical distancing, a digital toolkit in making the most from your work from home experience, and a hand washing guide that you can customize to your favorite song lyrics – share it with family […]

Reports, Resources and Opinion Pieces


A selection of Reports, Resource and Opinion Pieces keeping you updated on thought leadership around the COVID-19 pandemic, from both business and health related vantage points. Coronavirus Impact on Banks Additional Corona Crisis Measures by the Government  Startup Survival in Times of Crisis A COVID-19 Survival Guide for Startups and Growth Companies in Finland Corona Community Care […]

News – articles, stock tickers and more

Doing business in Corona

The Newsfeed: Bank of England dips into US repo to lend banks $15 (€13.6) billion  Facebook and Twitter fight coronavirus misinformation  COVID-19 updates by TechCrunch Applications welcome from startups and SMEs with innovative solutions to tackle coronavirus outbreak

Holland FinTech Best Practices


A set of 10 principles that were defined by the Holland Fintech Network on best practices that companies can employ to minimize interruption to their business continuity in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Document from Covid-Roundtable:

Liquidity and business continuity

Looking good on your laptop

Practical advice by the Dutch Government on what the COVID-19 pandemic can mean for your business and what tools are available – Read here Expansive FAQ section for the COVID-19 pandemic by the Dutch government, especially aimed at Entrepreneurs – Read here

Member Marketplace


This is a platform where market participants can offer services and partnerships in relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Remember, we are stronger together!

WEF – The World Economic Forum


The World Economic Forum is a platform designed to foster global growth and economic partnerships.   List of sources: The WEF response to the COVID-19 outbreak The WEF Action Platform for COVID-19 The WEF Strategic Intelligence Platform – interconnectivity maps

The World Bank / IMF


List of sources: World Bank / IMF The World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund are UN bodies designed to safeguard global financial stability. The World Bank Group’s assessment of the COVID-19 viral outbreak The World Bank Group’s emergency response package for the Global COVID-19 Pandemic The Joint Statement from the Managing Directors of the […]

WHO – The World Health Organization


List of sources: The World Health Organization, a body of the United Nations Information about the current state of global efforts and infections regarding the COVID-19 virus Global Travel advice as issued by the WHO COVID-19 Mythbusters as explained by the WHO Add the WHO on WhatsApp and receive official updates as you request them