Research At A Glance: Week 43

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Technology Based Innovations for Regulatory Compliance (“RegTech”) in the Securities Industry by finra Drawing on the discussions held with participants in the regtech space including broker-dealer firms, vendors, regtech associations, and academics, this report summarises key findings, including how regtech tools are being applied in the areas of surveillance and monitoring, customer identification AML compliance, […]

Blockchain and AI in LegalTech

Blockchain use is increasing. AI technology is developing. What effect does this have on the LegalTech industry? How does this relate to activity in fintech? Why do people talk about blockchain so much? Because it is the answer to many questions, one such question is cyber security. Raconteur in its special ‘Legal Innovation’ report found that […]

LegalTech Essentials: smart contracts, blockchain and AI

LegalTech sees financial transactions as a contract and seeks to resolve the legal ramifications of this. To ensure responsible and fluid digital financial exchanges, legal technology ensures all legal requirements or a contract are met. When approached from a legal perspective, all digital transactions require some sort of contract. This article discusses legaltech essentials. LegalTech […]

Developments in eSignatures

Confidence in identity and security is paramount for regulatory and consumer satisfaction. One way to improve digital security is with eSignatures. Current news trends show that eSignatures will become increasingly important in cryptocurrency as well as for digital banking and smart contracts. There is much action in the eSignature field. With continued global regulatory attention, the cryptocurrency […]

Top LegalTech events for 2018

With LegalTech just starting to take off, Holland FinTech has collated list of the top 10 LegalTech events to attend in first half of 2018. Within the FinTech bracket, LegalTech sees financial transactions as a contract and uses technology to improve exchanges. From a legal perspective, all digital transactions have to be predicated on contracts in […]