Binckbank launches Binck Pension

Binckbank launches Binck Pension

Dutch online bank Binckbank broadens its portfolio of service with Binck Pension. With this product, Binckbank enters the emerging Dutch market of individual pension plans.

Brink Pension is a life annuity that enables clients to build an individual (supplementary) pension with fiscal benefits. This service uses the same robo-advisory technology as Binck Forward. With the desired pension date, the model is able to adjust portfolio risks as the pension date approaches. Brink Forward is formerly known as the online wealth management service Pritle, which was acquired by Binckbank in March.

About Binckbank Binckbank is an independent Dutch online bank for investors. On its European platform, Binckbank operates as an online bank for investors and savers by offering online financial services. Other products of Binckbank are Binck Forward and Binck Saving.


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