Levi9 celebrates 100% recommendation score

Levi9 celebrates 100% recommendation score

Last week, research agency Giarte presented their Outsourcing Performance report during Outsourcing Performance Day 2017. The annual report contains customer satisfaction scores on Levi Nine’s IT outsourcing. As with the previous three years, our member Levi Nine achieved a 100% recommendation score. Furthermore, customers rate the company above average when it comes to reliability, communication, skills, empathy, willingness and openness.

”We are proud and happy that our customers have once again recommended us in this report. For Levi Nine and its employees, this is the biggest possible compliment. The appreciation is demonstrated in the overall trust score of 83%, with reliability as the highest trust indicator (88%). The research also shows a high percentage of advocates among its customer base: 36% of our customers are ‘superfans’. The aim of Levi Niners is to become an integral part of the customer’s organisation and to apply the latest technology. Together we ensure that this technology provides a competitive advantage and adds to their growth.” said Pien Oosterman, CCO of Levi Nine.

About Levi Nine

Levi Nine is a Dutch IT Services company with currently over 900 highly educated and skilled IT professionals in Eastern and Central Europe. Levi Nine develops IT solutions in close collaboration with their customers, solutions that generate a competitive advantage for them. Levi Nine states that their services are not only a collection of technologies and activities. The real difference is made by how they do it. Always together. They support customers in their R&D process, they define software architectures, develop software remotely in their delivery centres and maintain systems and applications.


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