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Member Spotlight: Asset Measurement

Member Spotlight: Asset Measurement

Asset Measurement is set out to provide benchmarking services to asset managers, banks and other parties which are involved in the management and selling of investment products, like fiduciary managers and trusted advisors. The benchmarking service allows for the transparent and anonymous comparison of portfolios within the industry in terms of returns, risk and allocation. Employing their services gives investors a better grip on their investments while also providing a fair comparison between asset managers based on the real allocation within their funds. The company was founded by Jos van Heese, Ryan Tjin and Reinder van Velze in 2016 and is currently testing its pilot version with several assets managers and financial advisors.

Jos van Heese has plenty of experience within the asset management industry, which has given him a clear vision about the path the industry will take in the coming years. Asset managers still focus much of their attention on expensive relationship managers, while their efforts should be solely focused on generating steady returns for their clients. This would reduce costs, while allowing financial planners and advisors to cater to their clients in terms of their financial needs, linking these to the rights products.

When comparing the asset managers on the things that matter, benchmarks and comparison-tools will become an important feature for these financial advisors. As of now, many asset managers already benchmark their funds against certain portfolio’s, often indices, as a reference for potential investors. These benchmark portfolios are however chosen by the professionals themselves and differ between asset managers, reducing their value to those who want to know how an investment fund or portfolio manager is really doing.  This is why Jos started a comparison website for asset management services back in 2011, on which he has expanded since then with Asset Measurement.

The benchmarking tool is delivered in the form of several visually attractive dashboards which allow the user a quick overview of absolute and relative performance in terms of risk and returns. The tooling incorporates all underlying positions in its risk analysis of the portfolio, therefore easing compliancy with MiFID II. Furthermore, the dashboards can also be delivered in the form of a white-label, allowing asset managers to display their performance to customers alongside their own personal messages and comments on the investment performance, creating a new communication channel to investors.

Looking further ahead, Asset Measurement is aiming to cater its services to the growing number of independent financial advisors and financial planners who need to select the most appropriate funds for their clients in accordance with their personal financial position. Incorporating the benchmarking tool of Asset Measurement into a CRM-platform would provide these advisors with a one-stop shop for servicing their clients to the fullest extent of their needs and the compliancy requirements of MiFID II.

Being a startup, the people at Asset Measurement are always looking for new ideas and ways to make their current business succeed. Greatly ambitious, with a long term vision on the changing ways of the industry, Asset Measurement is bound to make an impact.


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