NPEX has started the year with a record amount of financing

NPEX has started the year with a record amount of financing

Growth financing platform NPEX has broken its own records by providing EUR 23.5 million in financing for 10 Dutch companies in the first half of 2017. The uptake in financing compares with EUR 13.0 million in 2016, a surge of 81% already achieved in the first half of 2017.

The funds to finance the companies through the NPEX platform have been provided by the capital markets, which supported the companies either through the purchase of bonds or certificates. Adriaan Hendriks, director at NPEX is confident about their approach: “The results show that investors are confident in the methods employed by NPEX and the way we analyse the companies issuing through our platform alongside the provision of a prospectus to potential investors.”


About NPEX NPEX, the SME exchange for small and medium-sized companies, focusses on companies looking for growth capital from € 1,000,000 upwards. Companies can issue shares or bonds simply using standard documentation. NPEX furthermore focuses on investors wishing to directly invest in SMEs and therefore in the motor of the Dutch economy.


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