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Quantoz reviews its last trimester

Quantoz looks back on its last three months and report on new projects and achievements. Its QPN network got started, it got its firs patent guaranteed and new partner got on board.

Blockchain-based solutions provider, Quantoz, looks back on its last trimester and informs costumers and partners about how things have been evolving over the past months. First, the consortium responsible for technical and commercial usage of Quasar Technology, Quasar Payment Network (QPN), was founded after almost a year of working closely with Syngenio AG and Crount GmbH. Quantoz provides its blockchain to QPN with a specific focus on micro transactions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Dutch company also got its first patent guaranteed. Its Secure Payment over Unsafe Relay (SPUR), which consist on an asymmetric–cryptography–based method for exchanging information over distance, was submitted at the end of 2015. SPUR will allow costumers to use the Internet connection of their mobile devices to make payments to non-connected devices like vending machines.

Quantoz also expanded its associates network by welcoming Samarth Sheckhar. With extensive experience and being featured a one of the ‘40 innovators shaping the future of finance’ by the Wall Street Journal, Samarth will cooperate further with Quantoz. Samarth Sheckhar said about the company:

“When we had Quantoz participate at the 6th FinTech Forum back in 2015, they weren’t the only blockchain company on stage. However, they were one of the few that could talk about concrete use cases, pilots and implementations. They have seen growing interest from leading financial institutions as well as players in other sectors that need to move money between people and things.”

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