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Member Spotlight: Flinqer, cash flow optimizer

The new standard in payables. This is Flinqer. The start-up builds stronger supply chain through its advanced payment solutions. The innovative cloud-based platform easily connects buyers and suppliers to optimize their cash streams and payment conditions. Facilitating cash flow in the supply chain has been the goal of Flinqer since its launch in 2012, and is still the passion driving their current scale-up phase.

The company is targeting the stagnant money in the supply chain. To do so, Flinqer develops services enabling to improve cash flows. Some money in the supply chain is indeed left idle, as buyers and suppliers set payment terms arrangements delaying flows. By doing so, cash stays motionless for days; suppliers are waiting to get paid, and meanwhile have to find other financing sources. Thus the need to liberate money out of payment terms to employ it more efficiently. Flinqer’s business model has two sides, targeting the two parties in the market, buyers and suppliers. On one side buyers benefit from a stronger supply chain and higher returns on cash. On the other side, suppliers from all sizes benefit as well from improved cash flows, but also from a better visibility into account receivables and a more efficient liquidity.

Founded in 2012, the start-up has been building its way up connecting buyers and suppliers to its advanced platform. Investors have noticed the success of the platform: in 2017, NIBC Bank has become a strategic partner of Flinqer through a direct investment. This partnership and investment gives the scale-up a great opportunity to expand its knowledge and network for further growth.

The company focuses on manufacturing, retail and occasionally services segments. Next to the focus on the buyers segments, Flinqer specialized in on-boarding all the suppliers in the supply chain in an easy way. Multinational, the team wishes to expand quickly through Europe.

Flinqer joined Holland FinTech last year. The company believes the current financial ecosystem is getting a major overhaul in the coming years. Businesses will be the drivers of changes in financial services. No longer traditional banks determine what is good for businesses, but the latter will partner with agile fintech companies to develop tailored solutions meeting the upcoming challenges in their markets. For the start-up, partnering with Holland FinTech means to be part of a community, in order to share and drive common thoughts and ideas shaping the new financial ecosystem.


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