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Member Spotlight: Limitless, micro-investment app

Limitless is an app enabling automated micro-investments. The start-up, nominee for the Accenture Innovation Awards, is going live in October with a millennial friendly product. Designed by a team of seasoned and dynamic professionals, the app brings value to financial institutions by improving engagement with millennials, providing a holistic view on customers, boosting investments and bringing new cross-selling opportunities.

Limitless is a mobile app for automated micro-investments. The system is based on the users’ spending: every time users spend money buying any kinds of goods, a percentage (between 2 and 20) is directly transferred to an investment account. The money is then invested in a portfolio of low-cost funds: a great way to easily put money aside to invest.

Limitless is not your typical start-up, as the team is very global: operations is based the Netherlands, the R&D team is based in Poland, the company has a sales representative in the UK, where it is registered, and they are soon planning to have one in the US. Moreover, one co-founder has 30 years of experience in finance and the other co-founder has extensive experience in running tech start-ups in Warsaw, London, Tel-Aviv and Singapore. The product manager counts 20 years of experience working with companies like Microsoft and Spotify, the CTO worked 15 years in Silicon Valley and East Coast USA, and the tech lead has 20 years of experience as former principal scientist at Nokia. The team is diverse, in terms of gender, age and background; all working in harmony thanks to the fundamental trust in each other. If it can be challenging sometimes to align everyone, the common goal and an adaptive spirit are easing, as well as the importance given to feedback.

The business model is based on a blend of B2B/B2C. The product is licensed to banks, insurers and asset managers. Limitless is already integrated with Bunq, an Amsterdam-based challenger bank. Thanks to this integration, every residents of EU clients of Bunq will be in the next couple of weeks able to benefit from the app.

Key differentiators from the competitors include: users can use the app free of charge, and the system relies on percentages of spending, not only a rounding up of it. Moreover, as the start-up operates under the regulatory umbrella of its B2B clients, it is possible for it to enter markets fast and easily. The team is looking forward to PSD2, as many banks will need new products that they could not build as efficiently as start-ups. In this case, competitive advantages of time-to-market and first mover are not negligible for those financial institutions. For instance, engaging millennials is one of the most important challenges of the market, and the data collected by the app can be used for better credit scoring and selling relevant financial product. Clients such as insurers can benefit from the data analytics provided by Limitless to have a better understanding of their clients.

Regarding the near future of the business, the start-up is organizing a soft launch on the 11th of September, where the team will collect feedback from targeted ‘super users’. A proper launch will be set around November, the app will then be available in the App Store, and every Bunq users will be able to benefit from it. At the moment, no partnership is settled for the investment part of the product; co-founder Sara Koslinska plans on having a partner providing investment products in the next months.

Limitless joined Holland FinTech after their Startupbootcamp demo day, in April, and the two Amsterdam teammates met at one of our Meet-ups. They since then participated in several events, such as the Investor Breakfast, where they had the opportunity to pitch in front of an audience of investors. The opportunity to benefit from the matchmaking service of Holland FinTech is important for the start-up.


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