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Member Spotlight: PensioenPod

PensioenPod is a platform providing financial insights to individuals, with the aim of assisting pension management. Within the scope of a pension industry in needs of clarity, the start-up offers a solution to employers and pension funds enabling financial health for employee’s retirement and eventual diseases.

PensioenPod is a pension-communication concept, providing a simple form of insights for employees or participants in the pension funds about their financial situation for retirement or disease before pension age. The main goal of the start-up is to empower individuals financially, by making them understand their financial status. The platform is cloud-based and offers an app to its users. This app monitors income and expenses, to provide a clear stance on financial requirement and possibilities leading to a successful retirement plan.

The start-up main target groups are employers and pension funds, which will provide the service to their customers. Among these partners figure large pension funds such as APG, pension consulting firms Meeus, Mercer, which endorse PensioenPod’s product. The business model of the company is based on fee related to the licence to use their service.

Regarding this one, it has been developed during several years in collaboration with users to adhere to the high pension standards characteristic of the Dutch market. The start-up target a fair percentage of this one, estimated to be composed of 5 million employees. Other players are evolving on this segment, such as pension funds with their own portals or software organisations, but PensioenPod displays several unique selling points. They are indeed independent from any financial institutions, and do not provide their users with financial advice, but insights on their situations. These two points make their solution more reliable, mainly due to a lack of commercial incentives influencing their insights.

The app evinces high compliancy standards. Their platform is based on Amazon, which has the highest security and privacy standards of the world. It is also compliant with European privacy regulations, anticipating the coming changes of the first half of 2018, and allowing them to consider moving abroad once their Dutch performance is strong enough.

Based in Leeuwarden the start-up is operating across the Netherlands. Active since 2013, seven persons compose the team, having financial, pension, IT or sales background. The company team is well involved in the industry, as five of them are board members of pension funds, and one of them is chairman of the European Actuary Group. The culture of the company is based on a free and efficient way to work, devoid of formal structures and propelled by a goal-driven spirit. Each team member is personally using the app.

The company firmly believes qualitative communication will be the key to provide retirement finance in the months and years to come as the industry is under continuous evolution. In order to fulfil these goals, the company is currently looking for an investor, as they are in need of funds to invest in sales and marketing forces. PensioenPod is confident Holland FinTech will assist them in these next steps.


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