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Member Spotlight: Signicat, digital identity service provider

Founded in 2007, Signicat is a Digital Identity Service Provider operating in Scandinavia and throughout Europe. Signicat provides digital services to financial institutions enabling them to connect different identity schemes and benefit from first class electronic signature.

Signicat is a leading provider of electronic identity and electronic signature. The company offers Identity on Demand solutions enabling companies to issue their own digital ID. Signicat’s product suite offers customers four solutions to achieve a perfectly secure digital identity management, covering the establishment of customers’ eID, secure online connection, electronic signature and secure document storage. Furthermore, Signicat facilitates the connection through their API of numerous eID, such as iDIN and DigiD in the Netherlands.

The firm differentiates its services on the market by offering legally binding solutions, fulfilling the KYC and AML requirements of their clients while combining identity and signature. They are specialized in mixing different online identification modules to address their client’s cross-border needs, making them the largest on the market to do so. Signicat maintains and offers a suite of product client need to be compliant. In the context of an upcoming PSD2, the European market will move towards a stronger customer identification, which they are able to deliver.

Founded in 2007 in Trondheim, Norway, the company is now active in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, UK, Portugal, and the Netherlands, where they have an office in The Hague. As the company targets financial institutions, their main customers are banks and insurance companies, such as Rabobank, who, as the security requirement increase, can benefit from reliable solutions.

Signicat’s team consists of eighty professionals spread into different departments, such as operation, support, R&D, marketing, sales and IT. The work philosophy of Signicat is entirely relying on trust, from internal processes to the delivery of their product: customers trust Signicat’s ability to provide a reliable and fast service, a trust facilitated by the full digital nature of their solutions.

Within their European expansion strategy, the company will open an office in Germany by the end of this year, and is recently active in the UK. They are as well the first ones in Belgium working with the Belgian Mobile ID setup.

Signicat is a member of our network since 2016. They share their belief in the impact potential digitalization will have on the financial ecosystem and society as a whole. Active in several of our events, Signicat and Holland FinTech collaboration will spawn more outcomes in the months to come.


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