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Sunlight Payments ready to launch ground-breaking NGO payment platform Globally

Sunlight Payments, a U.S-based, Bill Gates-backed paytech startup, recently successfully tested a payment platform that, “will revolutionise the way payments are distributed to provide essential services in the field”, for the global non-profit sector, according to its CTO, Eric Merritt. The aforementioned test was implemented with Pathfinder International, a women’s reproductive health NGO that delivers assistance in 19 countries. KPMG, Deloitte, and Amazon helped in developing and testing the platform. Normally, payments are made the old-fashioned way, with paper. In the pilot with Pathfinder International, Sunlight’s new platform digitally tracked follow-on payments throughout the distribution chain, all the way down to vendors and local partners. In turn, Pathfinder had increased transparency into payments made by all parties involved in all transactions, with its CTO saying her team is looking forward to seeing “the enhanced controls and cost savings delivered by Sunlight’s platform”. After this successful pilot, Sunlight is ready to take its platform global.   About Sunlight Payments: Sunlight Payments collaborates with a host of actors, including humanitarian aid organizations, private foundations and global financial services providers, to deliver end-to-end, cloud-based payment solutions that give NGOs and relief organisations a transparent, secure, and private means to deliver aid to low and middle income countries.   Source: Banking Technology ]]>

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