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Member spotlight: MonIdee, B2B Fintech software solution provider

For this week’s Member Spotlight, we spoke to Hans van Tol from MonIdee. MonIdee provides financial services through a platform administrating different types of products; equity and cash plan solutions, compliance solutions or private exchange markets. The award-winning platform, tOption, delivers tailor-made, cost effective and flexible services to a wide range of customers.

MonIdee, is a software solution provider of financial solutions for a broad range of companies. Its products are divided into three branches: equity and cash plans solutions, online private exchange platform and compliancy solutions. Monidee’s solutions are used worldwide by more than 200 companies, and have been awarded several times (Global Equity Organization Awards ; nominee for the ‘Dutch Fintech Award 2017’ amongst others).

A fintech veteran

Active since 1999, making it a pioneer on the Dutch fintech scene, the company was founded by Hans van Tol and Mathieu Isliker, who, after an extensive career in banking, launched their solutions to palliate administrative issues regarding financial products. If the administration platform for a new financial product is not ready, it cannot be sold nor traded. As such, their new platform was created to administer different types of financial products, spurring innovation, and enabling to make new products tradable. The motto of the company, flexibility: being a relatively small player in the industry, the company relies on its modular solutions, able to address customer needs efficiently.

The Employee Reward Plan solution became the first to go live on the platform, administrating option and share plans for a company with over 70,000 employees. Today, the administration of reward plans remains the main activity of the company, an activity completed by two other following integrated solutions.

A multi-services platform

MonIdee also provides a private market via its online Exchange Platform, allowing any type of customer to privately trade any type of product. Having few limits, the private trading platform can be used for a broad range of clients. The first customers of this platform, a cooperative of farmers who sought liquidity in their farming certificates, show the wide field of applications possible for this service.

To complete its service to financial companies, the firm also offers risk and compliance solutions on which companies can rely to be up-to-date with regards to regulatory changes. Within the one platform, these three modules can be activated and deactivated regarding the different customers’ needs. Naturally, all data shared on the platform is highly secured.

What makes MonIdee special?

The differentiating feature of the platform from competitors in the US or UK is that the software is not built around one financial product, for example options plans. With the platform, users can compose a plan how they want. This is important because it means that software does not need to be adjusted for every country and company.

In the UK and the US, there are generally only one or two types of reward plans and everyone is receiving the same type. With the MonIdee platform, flexibility is greatly increased for the composer to decide what they wish to trade.

The characteristics of MonIdee’s solutions reflect well the company’s culture: a small team, without strict hierarchy, working with agility to provide the best services to banks, but also different corporates, large or small companies in need to retain the best people, trade freely, or stay compliant.

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