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Member spotlight: Reazon, for smarter credit management

Reazon is a credit management start-up whose platform facilitates fluid management of customer journeys. Aligning with the evolution of financial markets, Reazon is here to revolutionise credit management for a faster, smarter and customer-focused service.

Curious about what is happening around him, CEO and founder Michaël Brouwer is thrilled by the technological changes currently happening. Creating and developing new things based on innovative technologies has long been the motive behind his choices. It is the main driver pushing him forward. This belief in innovation led him and his team to develop Reazon, a platform aiming at improving a sector asking for change.

The start-up offers a range of credit management solutions based on a platform in order to enable their customers to have full control of their credit management processes. Indeed, control of customer journey is at the centre of their business vision. Thus, the platform provides full control of the entire chain, from invoice creation to eventual judicial disputes.

Reazon’s SaaS solution offers a wide range of services based on smart APIs, bringing a high flexibility to their customers, and making the platform a complete and data-driven tool. The company integrates different solutions through partnerships. This optimizes processes and connects different features of business administration such as client scoring or payments. Local partners include bank Rabobank, PSP Buckaroo and client scoring Experian. This enables the start-up to provide a solution standing out vis-à-vis their competition.

The platform thus helps customers to optimize their credit management process, focus on their core activity, and connect with their own landscape in such a way they remain in control of their entire customer journey.

This connection with their customers’ business landscape is essential. The company is proud that they are providing an above standard quality of service which is highly focused on ensuring smooth integration with the existing administration systems. Plugging their solution to old legacy systems is a challenge overcome by the API connections now provided by corporates. Core systems are rather difficult to change but APIs are the links bridging legacy to innovation.

Reazon’s story started few years ago in a bailiff company, where founder CEO Michaël Brouwer gathered a team around the idea of adapting the credit management industry to the technological evolution disrupting the finance spheres. Now active for two months, the company has a quite positive view of the market and a team of eight to achieve their goals. They make a point of differentiating their business values from the traditional credit management sector. They embrace the values intertwined with the shift of visions in the financial industry.

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