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Otly and Limitless chosen for Think Forward Initiative growth track

The Think Forward Initiative accelerator’s growth track is designed for start-ups that impact peoples’ lives regarding financial literacy, daily financial decisions, and financing the future. The programme is part-time and lasts three months.

Otly, Limitless, and seven other start-ups were selected out of 100 start-ups to attend a selection day, which was held at Startupbootcamp in Amsterdam on January 26th. The start-ups pitched the accelerator’s strategic partners, which include Deloitte, Dimension Data, and ING, and had detailed conversations with the selection committee.

Selection criteria included considering issues like financial viability, motivations for taking part in the programme, potential impact, start-ups’ coachability, company maturity, and how prepared companies were for the programme.

Of the nine start-ups, four were selected, including Otly and Limitless. The announcement about who made the final cut was made in February.

Dagmar van der Plas, global lead at Think Forward Initiative (TFI), says the following about the growth track and its start-ups:

“We do believe that one great idea can have a big impact for many people when applied on a large scale. Therefore, TFI wants to help the selected startups in the growth track really expand their impact potential. In this next track, we provide the startups a carefully tailored program as well as the added value of the TFI partner network, to help them realise their ambitions to scale. In doing so, they can increase their social impact on society.”

At present, the selected start-ups are being onboarded, and the programme begins March 5th at Startupbootcamp Amsterdam.

About Otly

Otly fills in the gap in childhood financial literacy where traditional banks and the school system fall short. It works to improve early financial education available for parents and their children by leveraging Otly’s years of experience in business development, fintech, and financial education.

Otly is based in the Netherlands.

About Limitless

Limitless is a white label app that enables automated micro-investments based on users’ spending. When customers make purchases, a percentage (between 2 and 20) of these purchases are deposited into an investment account. The funds in this account are then invested in a portfolio of low-cost funds, making investing easier.

Limitless is headquartered in London, executes R&D out of Poland, and its operations are based in the Netherlands.

Check out our Member Spotlight on Limitless here.

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