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Dutch payment services provider Mollie hits 50k merchants

The payment services provider now manages the payments of 50,000 merchants, marking a milestone in the company’s internationalisation of their services.

Mollie made the announcement via press release last week, where it noted the utility of adding internationalisation for its clients: “Internationalization allows companies to create new opportunities and expand their business across borders. . . By globalizing their services, Mollie offers their merchants the opportunity to grow wherever they want and maximize their potential in the process”.

The company began servicing the Netherlands and Belgium, and recently expanded to France and Germany.

The release also mentions that growing internationally has increased demand for payment methods like PayPal, credit cards, and local payment means. Integrating these various payment methods with Mollie was easy, they claim.

Additionally, in efforts to step-up their international capabilities, Mollie has integrated a multicurrency capability in its platform this year.

Mollie uses a simple, easily-implementable API that seeks to make money management more efficient.

Recently, Mollie, in partnership with Dealer4Dealer, launched a fully automated invoice reconciliation and accounting product available for Exact online clients.

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