Week 24: Research at a Glance

Week 24: Research at a Glance

Financing the Future of Supercomputing

by the European Commission

This report lays out the steps and actions needed to improve access-to-finance conditions for supporting the growth of the supercomputing sector in Europe.

The great illusion of digital currencies

by Bank of Finland

This paper is an analysis of digital currencies, in which the authors argue that the concept of a digital currency is a fallacy and that it is a misonomer for an accounting system for non-existent assets.

Digital Transformation and a Race to the Future

by Fintech Americas

In this report, the author illustrates the key components of digital transformation and banking by equating them to the stages in professional race car driving.

Impact of fintech on incumbent credit institution’s business models

by the European Banking Authority

This report is an in-depth analysis on the changes and trends observed within incumbent credit institutions and summarizes the current types of relationships between these incumbents and fintechs, focusing on the main factors driving technological innovations and status of adoption of innovative financial technologies.

Prudential risks and opportunities arising for institutions from fintech

by the European Banking Authority

This thematic report aims to raise awareness by focusing on the potential and prudential risks and opportunities that may arise for institution which use emerging technologies, and accomplishes this through a selection of a number of practical FinTech applications in traditional banking, payment and e-money activities.

Virtual currencies and central banks monetary policy: challenges ahead

by the European Parliament

The report presents an overview of the economic and technological characteristics of the virtual currency phenomenon, a brief history of VCs, an analysis of their advantages and disadvantages, and a review of the regulatory approaches to VCs in various jurisdictions.

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