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Week 27: Research at a Glance

10 years after the Global Financial Crisis: How has the World Economy changed and where will it go?

by Institute for International Monetary Affairs

This anthology of transcripts and models is a collection of discussions between regional experts (Japan, the US, the EU, and Asia) on their financial markets of expertise — 10 years after the American subprime crisis.

Competition issues in the area of FinTech

by European Parliament

This study addresses provides both descriptive analysis and normative tools to anticipate and manage anti-competitive behaviours in the fintech sector as they occur. The authors’ analysis encompasses a broad number of fintech categories, including insurance, personal finance, and cryptocurrency.

Frontiers in Finance: Workforce Shaping


The report addresses developments in human capital issues within financial institutions, including arguments surrounding the aggressive recruitment of ‘tech talent’ and the HR impacts of an increasingly digitalised workplace.

INFE Policy Guidance: Digitalisation and Financial Literacy


This policy note forms the guiding framework for global policy makers responsible for implementing the OECD’s agenda in financial education. It extensively covers issues concerning the digitalisation of finance and how it plays into financial literacy initiatives.

Buyers’ Market: Future of Mortgages


This report studies the changing mortgages landscape in the UK, specifically how open banking reforms and fintech will increase consumer power in real estate trade.

Digital Lending Report

by BCG

This report is a competitive landscape analysis of the digital lending market and factors driving its growth, and how fintech plays a pivotal role in liberalising access to credit to personal consumers. The authors complement their study with an analysis of the Indian lending market and repercussions stemming from the changes in the global financial market are also reflected there.

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