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Research At A Glance: Week 44

Cryptotechnologies: Improving regulatory compliance
by EBA Cryptotechnologies Working Group
This report highlights KYC and regulatory reporting as the most beneficial financial regulatory compliance processes to be disrupted by fintech. It theorises the uses and advantages of DLT based technology and appropriates use cases to expose these processes as ripe for fintech disruption.
Financial Technology Applications and Related Regulatory Framework
by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
Overlooking the current prevalent uses of fintech, this research report is able to undertake a detailed investigation of blockchain and AI adoption, particularly in the equity and capital markets. It continues to evaluate current regulatory approaches and the fintech developments that they may stimulate.
Is a Cashless Society Problematic?
by Bank of Canada
Prolific disruption by fintech in the payments sector has engendered predictions of cashless economies; this report considers the limitations and concerns potentially posed from a central bank’s perspective. Concluding that a cashless society would not cause systemic problems, it highlights the following concerns (and potential responses) that central banks would need to consider: maintenance and operational reliability of the cashless payments network, and the provision of a safe store of value in financial crises.
Regulation Driving Banking Transformation
by Deutsche Bank
Navigating the maze of fintech regulation, this report dives into the key fintech technologies of open APIs, cloud, blockchain and AI to uncover the current regulatory landscape and the challenges it poses, as well as likely future trends.
Moving from Analog to Digital: A new paradigm for risk management
by EY
Acknowledging the challenges invoked by fintech disruption and an ever-dynamic marketplace, this report details the foundations of a digital paradigm for a new risk management philosophy to cope with the fintech era.
Asset & Wealth Management Revolution: Pressure on profitability
by PwC
Providing a prediction of the asset and wealth management fee structure up to 2025, this report seeks to enumerate the ways in which firms can protect and improve their profitability. It delves into fintech technologies that should be developed to cut costs and improve efficiencies in this sector, highlighting data management and AI integration as key pillars.
Breaking New Ground in Fintech: A primer on revenue models that create value and build trust
by Oliver Wyman
This paper seeks to empirically ascertain the current revenue model landscape in fintech, before analysing the effective approaches yielded by the market. Recognising many fintech startups prioritise product development over revenue model construction, the paper distills guiding principles for financial health for fintech firms.
A Vision for the Future of Cross-Border Payments
by McKinsey & Company
By specifically tackling cross-border payments, this report is able to thoroughly investigate the sub-sector and theorise the future of its growth. Cross-border payments are prophesised to continue to show strong growth that may see EUR 1 transactions becoming profitable, and a customer-based orientation borne by both providers and regulators.
2018 Fintech 100 
by KPMG & H2 Ventures 
In its fifth year, this report takes a look at the world’s most innovative fintech companies, splitting enterprises into a ‘Top 50’ and an ‘Emerging 50’. Top companies include Ant Financial, Grab, Atom Bank, and JD Finance.

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