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Research At A Glance: Week 45

Fintech innovation: perspectives from Singapore and London

ICAEW Though Leadership 

This extensive report provides the reader with an overview of the fintech markets in London and Singapore regarding sustainable customer benefits, innovation, and  regulation.

Cryptoassets Taskforce: final report

HM Treasury & Financial Conduct Authority & Bank of England

This research presents an overview of cryptoassets and the underlying technology, assesses the associated risks and potential benefits, and sets out the path forward with respect to regulation in the UK. The research also provides a path to establishing the UK’s policy and regulatory approach toward cryptoassets and decentralised ledger technology.

Transformation in the global insurance market


This report presents an overview of the insurance M&A market, analysing the numbers and dynamics behind 2018’s key deals worldwide. It also considers regional variations, which are marked by varying international regulatory systems.

Closing in on the Holy Grail of World Trade: Using Blockchain to Expand Southeast Asia’s Trade

International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development

This paper considers the ways in which blockchain enhances trade performance through improvements in supply chain management, customs procedures, and trade finance in Southeast Asia. Additionally, the paper examines the challenges to the broad-based application of blockchain in the region.

State of the Markets: Inside Views on the Health and Productivity of the Global Innovation Economy

Silicon Valley Bank

This research analyses the state of European markets via a comparison with the US market regarding growth capital, investors’ behaviour, volatility and accompanying market softness for tech, and economic cycle

To charter or not to charter? Considerations for FinTech companies seeking to apply for an OCC special purpose national bank charter

Latham & Watkins

This paper builds upon a recent statement by the US’s comptroller and currency office where it announced it would begin accepting applications for special purpose national bank charters from non-depository fintech companies. The paper concludes that fintech companies must either obtain the appropriate state licences for their business or partner with a bank or licensed entity  to provide regulated services.

As China’s Internet Firms Grow The Financial Services Pie, Banks Angle For A Larger Slice

S&P Global Ratings

This research concludes that financial technology is large and fast-growing in China, and the country’s internet finance companies are driving banks to innovate and advance their digital offerings. Disruption in consumer payments, loans, and transaction services are paving the way for new and intense competition for Chinese banks.

World Payments Report 2018
by Capgemini 
This report analyses global payments ecosystems with a focus on non-transaction volumes, the ever-changing regulatory landscape, the changing and dynamic nature of payment service providers’ roles, and the resulting new horizons for payments and transaction banking.

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