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Finturi strengthens invoice financing with CIB partnership

Finturi, a company using blockchain to help businesses secure loans against invoices, joined forces with credit management outfit Centraal Invorderings Bureau (CIB) to ensure a robust blockchain-enabled invoice financing platform.

Specifically, Finturi and CIB’s partnership serves to create a better user experience for financiers on Finturi’s platform, resulting in financiers being more confident about using Finturi’s services. Finturi hopes that this will eventually lead to the provision of money at lower interest rates.

CIB specialises in following up on unpaid invoices.

Johannes Brouwer, CEO of Finturi, remarked on why CIB is the idea fit for a partner:

“We strongly believe in using technology in order to optimize financial processes. Centraal Invorderings Bureau uses technology in order to optimize the debt collection process. It is debtor friendly and makes sure that user experience is a top priority in the entire process. It also considers debtor’s personal situation and comes up with the best possible solution. This personalized and innovative approach makes it a perfect fit for us.”

Roman Berkhout, Co-owner of CIB, expressed his excitement at being part of Finturi’s journey towards becoming the leading invoicing platform in the world. He praised the blockchain outfit’s ability to build a “robust and secure invoice financing platform”.

Recently, Finturi launched a beta platform, bringing together selected enterprises and financiers to enable the former to apply for, get approved, and receive loans in 24 hours. In March 2019, Fintrui raised EUR 2 million from NetSam Participants BV.

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