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Stay ahead of the curve, read Boogie’s data-rich editorials

Member Boogie Software, Finnish experts in digital banking, has been busy this year writing several noteworthy editorials that delve into their research. These articles share staff members firsthand experiences with open banking APIs, credit risk profiling, open bank data, deep learning, AI, and more! Read more

1. Jump to: First Hand Experiences with Open Banking APIs

This article is all about one staff member who got their hands dirty with the PSD2 APIs that Finnish banks are currently offering. The premise: Writer Aleksi Sitomaniemi wanted to build something on top of Nordea and OP developer interfaces. The exciting results of this delve into open banking are summarised, and those of you with an Xcode and Mac combo can run a similarly small sample iOS application in a simulator or on an iPhone/iPad.

2. Jump to: Credit risk profiling using open bank data

This article describes a possible use of bank data to create a client’s profile according to their transaction history and then to predict the success of a potential loan. The selected data comes from a real Czech bank and includes around one million transactions. In this study, undertaken and written up by David Cristobal, the goal is to predict how well a client will carry out with the future payments of a loan.

3. Jump to: Deep learning method for synthesis of tabular data

Juho Sarkamo’s article discusses a Boogie AI investigation into the feasibility of deep learning techniques for synthesis of tabular data. The study is carried out through an example case, which used bank transaction data.

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