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Coinstone Capital deploys RIDDLE&CODE’s Asset Management Solution for their Alternative Investment Fund

Coinstone Capital, a Dutch investment fund that invests in early-stage blockchain projects that’s also a Holland Fintech Member, along with RIDDLE&CODE, a European Blockchain interface company that builds hardware and software stacks, recently announced the deployment of RIDDLE&CODE’s Asset Management Solution.

RIDDLE&CODE’s Asset Management Solution is a custody solution that writes all transactions to a blockchain and has already been operational within a Swiss Bank for several quarters. Significantly, compliance – which would usually be controlled by a strict procedure and processes – is integrated into the technology, offering an unalterable audit trail and unequaled levels of transparency.

The Asset Management Solution will power Coinstone’s new blockchain-based Alternative Investment Fund Coinstone Decentralized One, which is dedicated to investing in tokenized blockchain projects.

Gys Hough, a Managing Partner at Coinstone, said that using RIDDLE&CODE’s Asset Management Solution means that: “For the first time, as proactive blockchain fund managers, we can combine banking grade security with active risk management beyond the ordinary buy-and-hold strategies. The solution is already in use with regulated banks, which puts us in good stead to address anticipated regulatory demands.”

From RIDDLE&CODE’s side, Alexander Koppel (CEO) said: “We are excited to have won Coinstone Capital as our first Investment Fund client – they are leading the way in making blockchain-based investments more readily available. Our platform was a perfect fit to offer the level of flexibility they needed while maintaining the highest level of security.”

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