Launch of management book ‘Everything Transaction’: the future of digital transactions

Launch of management book ‘Everything Transaction’: the future of digital transactions

Launch of management book ‘Everything Transaction’: the future of digital transactions

The management book ‘Everything Transaction’ by Shikko Nijland, Douwe Lycklama and Chiel Liezenberg will be available as an English-language hard copy and e-book from October 15th. In the book, the authors address themes such as platforms, digital trust and data sharing. The authors’ intention with ‘Everything Transaction’ is to support business leaders in achieving better navigation in the digital world. They do this based on the vision that trust and cooperation between companies are the key to a sustainable solution for digital transactions in the future.

Issues such as data, privacy and platforms have an increasing impact on both business and society. How do we maintain control, with the massive increase in data and transactions? And how do we organise trust in a world in which security and privacy are no longer self-evident? The book ‘Everything Transaction’ provides answers to these questions. From the perspective that everything is a transaction, the writers distinguish hypes from reality when it comes to technology-driven developments. This includes aspects such as blockchain, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and biometrics. The book is also an appeal to business leaders to start working together today on the future of digital transactions.

The Dutch version of the book was awarded the title ‘Management Book of the Year 2019’ in April. According to the jury: “Because of the social and economic importance of the subject, because of the need for every organisation to understand it, because of the thorough analysis, because of the clear development direction and because of the agenda that points out their responsibilities to a multitude of stakeholders”.

The authors are experienced fintech pioneers. Nijland is CEO and managing partner of INNOPAY. Lycklama and Liezenberg founded the consultancy firm 16 years ago. Through INNOPAY, the authors bring different parties together to think about sustainable solutions for managing the exponential growth of digital transactions. “Certainly in Europe, there is an opportunity to change the current market conditions to a situation in which end users get more digital self-determination,” says Shikko Nijland. “In this situation, data stays at the source and users have insight and control over who has access to their data.”

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