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ZELF is partnering with Treezor to bring payments services & virtual cards to Gen Z’s preferred platforms – the messengers

Paris – April 23, 2020 – Targeting Gen Z and millennials, ZELF wants to bring financial services to their “natural habitat” – the messengers, using its cross-messenger AI-powered technology and partnering with Treezor, the leading Banking-as-a-Service platform in France.

Treezor is a fintech approved by the French regulator (ACPR) and was acquired in 2019 by the Société Générale group. The partnership with Treezor, as a Principal Member of the Mastercard network since 2016, will allow ZELF to issue virtual Mastercard debit cards to its users.

Debit card in 30 seconds from any messenger

ZELF technology provides the fastest and most lightweight payment experience to date. Its most unique feature is the ability to issue virtual cards in less than 30 seconds through messengers (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, LINE and soon Discord), with an easy, but fully KYC & AML compliant onboarding, and to start sending and receiving money in a messenger of their choice. For offline and online purchases, the cards will support mobile NFC Xpay technologies, thanks to Treezor’s and Mastercard’s tokenization platform:

“With 84% of screen time taken by 5 apps, mostly messengers, we will make sending and receiving money as easy as sending a message. Instant notifications, voice commands instead of buttons, simple invoicing and QR codes are some of the messenger banking features that will simplify the financial routine and bring money matters to the default apps of today – the messengers,” – said Elliot Goykhman, Founder and CEO of ZELF.

Most financial operations can be controlled by voice

«Send Michel €20 for lunch», «Ask Dad €30 for gasoline» and «Show recent transactions» are just a few examples of voice banking commands. ZELF’s voice recognition and AI work via voice memo mechanisms. In the near future it will be available in hardware manufacturers’ voice assistants – Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and LINE’s Clova.

A community-building & innovative referral approach

Zelf opens sign-ups for the cards in France and Spain. The brand took an informative and community building approach for its launch campaign with an innovative multi-level referral program.

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