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Share merges into Textmetrics’ new Recruitment Module

Arnhem/Rotterdam, the Netherlands – As of September 1st,, a website to enhance job descriptions, will be fully incorporated into the Recruitment Module of Textmetrics.

VacatureVerbeteraar offers a product and algorithm developed by Intelligence Group and Jobdigger, and is used by hundreds of recruiters in the Netherlands to write job descriptions aimed at specific target audiences. Through this merge, job descriptions can be optimized for Google, writing style, or gender, while the software also provides feedback on applicant motivation and hiring difficulty.

The merging of into Textmetrics’ text technology is a logical step to further automate, professionalize and improve the quality of job description texts in recruitment processes in the Netherlands and beyond. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly important to avoid the exclusion of certain target audiences, for example, on the basis of gender or level of literacy, and to make sure that information is easy to find online.

In addition to the Dutch market, the coming years will see focus shift towards the Belgian, German, French and English markets. The Recruitment Module will go live in 14 languages. The name VacatureVerbeteraar and its website will become visible through Textmetrics Recruitment, accompanied by the statement “Powered by Jobdigger and Intelligence Group”. Intelligence Group and Jobdigger are currently testing new algorithms to further automate the creation of job descriptions.

Targeted Job Descriptions

Thanks to technology, writing texts tailored to specific audiences is becoming easier every day. A possible starting point may be “gender,” where your writing is aimed at men or women (or gender neutral). Texts can also be geared to the readers’ level of education, their language proficiency, positive sentiment and Google’s indexation. Combined with the data and technology provided by Intelligence Group and Jobdigger, job descriptions are also screened for applicant motivation and hiring difficulty. In the future, you will also get suggestions for alternative job titles and texts will be checked on all Google for Jobs features.

“The incorporation of VacatureVerbeteraar into Textmetrics is beneficial to both parties. Textmetrics is a leader in the international market of language technology. At the same time, we offer highly specialized data and algorithms geared to the motivation of target audiences, so both solutions are combined into a strong proposition”, says Geert-Jan Waasdorp, managing director at Intelligence Group. “Writing job descriptions is often considered one of the least fun recruitment activities. But the integration of these two technologies makes writing a great, optimized job description very easy.”

“The integration of within Textmetrics allows our customers to take important steps in recruitment, giving rise to next-generation technologies for the improvement of job descriptions. Together with Intelligence Group and Jobdigger, we aim to provide both Dutch and international recruiters and employers with a very easy, ready-to-use product,” says Marcel Leeman, managing director at Textmetrics.

“Data and smart algorithms enable us to determine the needs, skills and requirements of job types that are already largely standardized, and integrate these into existing texts. Furthermore, we can take inspiration from tens of thousands of well-written job descriptions from the past years in order to further improve new texts. These developments, which are now being tested and will be integrated within the Textmetrics Recruitment Module, give recruiters around the world access to the best, most optimized job descriptions,” says Bjorn Heijmand, cofounder of Jobdigger.

About Textmetrics

Textmetrics (Arnhem) is a tech company specialized in the realization of communication strategies through the use of AI and text technology (including text distribution, text comprehension, target groups, and text conversion). Textmetrics supplies commercial companies and organizations with specialized software that allows them to use text to optimally assist customers/target audiences in their purchases and their understanding of the information provided. The machine learning and AI-based technology is successfully applied by large companies and customer organizations, such as energy companies, banks, insurance companies, and temporary employment and HR service companies within departments such as Marketing, Corporate Communications, Recruitment and Customer Services. Boasting approximately 40,000 users worldwide, the platform supports all modern Western languages.

About Intelligence Group

Intelligence Group (Rotterdam) is an international Data & Tech company that specializes in job market and recruitment data. As market leader in Europe, we collect and enrich job market data. For over 17 years we have helped organizations throughout Europe to attract and recruit applicants in a smarter way, increasing their position in the market.

About Jobdigger

Jobdigger (Arnhem, founded 2012) provides job market insights through innovative solutions. As a fast-growing organization, we equip our clients with relevant job market data that can be leveraged for a stronger market position. This data supports organizations in lead generation, recruitment activities, and career paths.

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