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Ginger and Agreement Express announce partnership for a better merchant onboarding experience

Enabling major Global FIs to improve their merchant services and significantly accelerate their omnichannel strategy, while enrolling and approving merchants in minutes

September 25, 2020, Amsterdam, The Netherlands — With the latest partnership between fast-growing Fintechs Ginger and Agreement Express, banks and payment companies will be able to take advantage of the integrated merchant growth oriented tech solutions offered by both companies.

In the rapidly changing eCommerce industry speed and convenience have become more important than ever. Onboarding and approving merchants in minutes instead of weeks are a key differentiating factor for successful payment companies like Stripe and Square. Agreement Express and Ginger are partnering to create a complete merchant services solution for banks and acquirers that empowers them to offer their merchants a Stripe-like experience. The combined offering will help financial services firms to grow revenue and profitability, drive down servicing costs, simplify compliance, and optimize the onboarding experience.

“We are extremely excited to continue to expand our network of partnerships through the addition of Ginger. The synergies of our solutions allow payment companies across the country to simplify their operations and focus on growing their businesses”, says David O’Brien, CEO of Agreement Express.

“The unprecedented growth of eCommerce in recent years, highly accelerated by COVID-19 in the past months, has made it clear for banks and merchant acquirers that a seamless online payment experience is crucial for their future success. Therefore, we are very pleased to partner with Agreement Express and to offer an automated merchant onboarding and underwriting solution to our clients. With this best-in-class solution integrated into our Payments-as-a-Service platform, we remove the single biggest bottleneck in the merchant approval process”, says Tom van Wees, CCO of Ginger.

If you’re a bank or merchant acquirer looking to improve your merchant services and onboard merchants in minutes instead of days or weeks, please get in touch.

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About Agreement Express
Agreement Express is a SaaS solution that allows payments firms to provide a unique, seamless and secure underwriting and onboarding experience for clients and partners — all of which results in increased levels of merchant acquisition and brand loyalty. The platform includes a proprietary risk scorecard that allows payfacs and ISOs to assess merchant risk and underwrite merchant applications automatically and in a matter of minutes. This means that customers are able to acquire a higher volume of the merchants in a shorter amount of time. The platform also allows our clients’ customers to set up accounts and onboard merchants quickly and digitally.

About Ginger
Ginger, founded in 2014 by a group of payment experts, is a fast-growing Payments as a Service (PaaS) company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Ginger’s unique and modular payment platform empowers global banks and FI’s to offer local online payment solutions to their merchants worldwide. Ginger delivers cutting-edge technology for an end-to-end omnichannel experience in a robust and flexible whitelabel solution. The platform is trusted by leading companies such as ING Bank, Fiserv, ABN AMRO Bank, Kabbage, Mastercard, and Payconiq. Find more information about Ginger here.

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