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UiPath Report: The Buyer’s Guide to Using RPA in Fintech – Automating Back-Office Processes

In their quest to disrupt the financial services industry, financial technology—aka fintech— companies are using smart technologies and digital innovation to redefine how customers interact with their banks. Until recently, the focus has been on opportunities for improving the customer experience. But fintech companies can also benefit from tech-enabled efficiency and accuracy applied to back-office tasks including invoice processing, credit assessment, and fraud detection.

Software solutions such as robotic process automation (RPA) can improve the ease and speed of everything from customer communications to regulatory compliance. Imagine a robot joining your compliance office and being given one simple directive: automate all repetitive compliance tasks. It’s not just possible; it’s already happening. RPA can help you cut steps, minimize processing time, and reduce errors in manual back-office processes—and by saving employees time, it frees them to engage more deeply in meaningful work, providing customers, regulators, and investors with faster, more accurate service.

This Buyer’s Guide identifies the biggest opportunities for using RPA in fintech, explores its many advantages, and discusses the benefits of using UiPath as your RPA vendor.

Download the full UiPath report below. Find out more about UiPath here.

UiPath Report: The Buyer’s Guide to Using RPA in Fintech Automating Back-Office Processes
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