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Jim Paijens – Sales Director Regxsa

Amsterdam, Tuesday 6 October 2020 – Jim Paijens started as Sales Director at Regxsa, the company behind the innovative, anti-money laundering tool Alexis. This cloud-based tool enables financial service providers like banks to investigate their exposure to money laundering and terrorist financing in an efficient and effective fashion. Paijens previously worked at KPN, Nixdorf and Vee24. At Regxsa he will focus as Sales Director on both business development as well as the expansion of the sales team.

Abhishek Dwivedi, CEO and Founder of Regxsa: “We are pleased that Jim has joined our team. With his background, experience and energy I am confident he will have a significant impact in achieving our objective, to make the world a safer place.”

Jim on joining Regxsa: “I believe that technology should make a difference in our corporate day-to-day life. That is why I am proud to join Regxsa, as Sales Director which has built a cloud-based investigation platform called Alexis. To set up the sales activities for a state-of- the-art platform will give me energy and I am confident that Alexis will have an huge impact in making the world safer!”

About Regxsa

Regxsa, formerly known as AMLabc, initially started as an AML portal in 2012. The company soon became the best partner in the field to empower investigations within Financial Institutions, thus to detect and prevent money laundering, terrorism financing and financial crimes. Regxsa aims at achieving and exceeding regulatory expectations and doing the right thing for society, through advisory services, training, placement and cloud based AML investigations. The company launched the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) investigation tool Alexis with top software development company Fortech in 2020. Regxsa is located in the Netherlands and operates worldwide.

Read more about Regxsa here.

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