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Share partners with digital debt marketplace CrossLend as it continues to boost P2P lending in the Netherlands, benefiting entrepreneurs and investors alike went live in 2010 as the first crowdfunding platform in the  Netherlands and it is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. In 2019,  was recognised as market leader in crowdfunding. With a mission to “make a positive  and responsible contribution to the financeability of MKB-Nederland”, supports the ‘real’ economy, SME entrepreneurs and real estate  investors. Thanks to thousands of investors who believe in them,’s  users are using the platform to drive growth in their businesses.  utilises the power of the crowd to realise the financial ambitions of both investors, who  want an attractive return, and entrepreneurs who are seeking to grow their businesses. 

CrossLend is a European digital debt marketplace which connects loan originators  such as with institutional investors. To improve the efficiency of  transactions, their platform supports both originators and investors with different  additional tools for data management, analytics and reporting. 

CrossLend recently facilitated an important collaboration between a European  institutional investor and Thanks to this institutional investment, has been approved for accreditation by the Netherlands Enterprise  Agency (RVO) to originate loans under the BMKB-C government protection scheme. is the first among the top 5 Dutch P2P platforms to receive this  accreditation. Thanks to this new development,’s retail investor base  will now also have the advantage of being able to benefit from investing in  government-backed SME loan projects. In this context, the partnership with CrossLend  opens the door to funding for the platform’s loans. 

CrossLend’s network of institutional investors will be able to assist in the broadening  of’s reach, helping to open up opportunities, and deepening its  lending pool as it looks to expand its support for SMEs over the coming years. 

Edwin Adams, Director & Founder of, says: “For me, this is a great  new development for our company, I am proud to engage in a  partnership with CrossLend. The collaboration opens up a new way to expand our  funding options, allowing us to help create more institutional funding across Europe.  It also gives us new perspectives on the market. Thanks to our new partnership, we can call ourselves the first in the Netherlands to be seeking new options in the  crowdfunding market. I am 100% sure that the collaboration will allow us to bring a  positive and responsible contribution to the financeability of small and medium  businesses in the Netherlands during the Corona crisis and in future times to come”. 

Oliver Schimek, CEO & Founder of CrossLend said: “We’re excited to partner with We see our collaboration as a real contribution to expanding the  funding options for local SMEs in the Netherlands. As a recognised industry leader,’s reputation and experience align well with CrossLend’s mission to  broaden and standardise the possibilities of SME lending across Europe.” 


Since its inception, has facilitated a sum in excess of €237,5 million  in credit to over 1,700 SMEs across a variety of sectors. is the largest  platform of its kind in the Dutch market and has been recognised as the market leader  since 2019. 

About CrossLend 

CrossLend is a FinTech, authorised by BaFin and CSSF, which has developed  a European digital debt marketplace. On the marketplace, assets are transformed into  securities or other investable formats. Originators such as banks, savings banks,  cooperative banks, special credit institutions and FinTech credit platforms from Europe  offer their assets to European institutional investors for purchase via the marketplace.  The advantage of the CrossLend marketplace is the standardised and well-structured  and transparent presentation of the originators’ credit data. This makes it easy for  investors such as other banks, insurance companies, investment companies, pension  funds and pension schemes to identify and compare loans according to their criteria.  Since CrossLend brings together originators and investors from all over Europe on  a central platform, CrossLend actively contributes to the European Capital Markets  Union. CrossLend was founded in Berlin in 2014 and employs more than 70 people  from over 30 countries. In addition to its headquarters in Berlin, CrossLend has offices  in Frankfurt, Vienna, Luxembourg and London. 

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