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Solvinity White Paper: Speed up and improve your software release process with Integrated Delivery

A quick release process is the key to a healthy digital future for organizations that develop software themselves. However, the tools that are available for rapid targeted innovation are often difficult to combine with IT outsourcing, which tends to separate Development and Operations.

How do you ensure that the benefits of a Dev(Sec)Ops method are not lost and that you stay the standard bearer within your branche when it comes to technology? The software release model Integrated Delivery makes it all possible.

  • Delivering predictable, secure and faster functionalities together
  • Fully automated release process with CI/CD
  • Optimal collaboration between all stakeholders, including security, business and end users through Stretched DevSecOps
  • Standard Platform Portfolio with the most modern technology


Download the Integrated Delivery white paper and learn more about how to ensure a fast and safe delivery of new functionality while outcourcing IT management.

Find out more about Solvinity here.

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